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First Blog: Henna in the Making with Farrah Azam

Henna has always been used  to decorate on the body for design and cultural fashion, weddings and just plain fun and also used for its beneficial properities for hair coloring. Today I will talk about a young women by the name of Farrah Azam. I gotten drawn to her work in the use of how she incorporates art through Henna. I have seen many of her henna designs on canvases, vases, candles, bags and my favorite instruments. Her work has a professional quality which is visited and viewed by both her clients and fans. She has a a vibrant personality that gives customers a desire to purchase more and keep a rapport communication. I found her through facebook and continue to enjoy her unique personality. I love the fact that she is ambitious and works very hard in making sure her customers are content with her products.  To get a more vivid view of her work, products and contact information please visit her website:


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