Sticker Decals: An Nur Designs

stciker decal
Sticker decals are the new modern designs that create a quiet room into a mode of conversation. It has an interesting way of entrance. It makes a blank boring wall come alive. I came across a wonderful facebook page: An Nur Designs, the owners/page admins are really understanding and superb in professionalism. I was honored that they chose me to do a review of their product. I decided to choose the Ayutal Kursi Sticker Decal which is a surah found in the holy book Quran. The surah itself has a very powerful meaning and the way the sticker decal is presented gives the audience a chance to just feel mesmerized by its beauty. The sticker decal came in careful packaging and the owners also emailed me instructions in pasting, peeling and applying it on the wall. I will present a youtube video of how the sticker decal looks and you can also recieve information in contacting the owners of their incredible high quality vinyl adhesive decals. If you are unable to view the video please message the owners at: Here is the youtube video of my review on their sticker decal:


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