Cakes: The Amazing Halaal Cakes


Art can be used in many forms, through calligraphy, through henna and another unique way through pastries. Some people are talented in various ways but nothing compared to a nice humble admin I found through her facebook page: Her talent is probably by far the most creative and decorative in all avenues. Each piece is crafted with hard precise time and effort. The interesting fact is that her cake is all Halaal which means that it is all kosher. The cake is fully detailed and crafted and sometimes I wonder if I were to purchase it would be probably be difficult to eat because of how beautifully it is done. I know for sure if the admin were to come to America and I pray one day she does, every Gourmet market would want to do business with her talent. It is innovative and eye appealing to the beholder who views it. Many of her customers are happy and honored by her honest demeanor. The cake that drew so much attention from her page was the Mac Makeup cake, image seen below. It is one of the most creative cake my eyes set upon, it is like watching a diamond sparkle each time the sun sits upon it is how I am viewing her cake now!    



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