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Scarves, Undercaps, Floral Scarves and so much more! has it all


        Sometimes we wonder wear to buy scarves, what color and who to trust when dealing online. However I met a very kind admin who has her own website and a variety of lovely scarves. Many use it for their hair, as a scarf around their neck or to make a plain type of clothing into something vibrant and lively. I love the fact that her scarves are affordable and comfortable. One thing about her items is that it has a wonderful sense of professionalism. She ships worldwide and tends to her customers really well. I am very happy to have had an oppurtunity to do a review of her scarves. Her website for viewing is: and her facebook page: Videos for preview of her items:,,, and below are the pictures of how I used the scarves :-):

hijabi creations                IMG_3133       IMG_3061         IMG_3115


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Headpieces by Unique-Hijab-pins

Headpieces are known to make an entrance to any event or occasion. I have come across a wonderful admin who has given me the oppurtunity in doing a review in one of her lovely items. She has a wide range of lovely items from headpieces, children headpieces, and belts made into jewelry.  Her work has been established since 2009, and many of her unique and exclusive items are used for hijab accessories and also for those who like to wear such lovely pieces for events. The admin of the facebook page:!/pages/Unique-Hijab-pins/174870759239070 and their website page is: They have a very professional atmosphere in dealing with their customers. Her page was the first I have seen that started this idea of using jewelry for the modern hijabi women. I found her items both beautiful and unique. They ship worldwide but best to ask the admin if they ship to your country. Here are selected videos,, and pictures below of my review of their items:

another cover

most beautiful magical freshyhshshssks

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